TwT Hari Raya Eid Celebration

✨2024 EDITION ✨

TwT Hari Raya Eid Celebration
The Eid Celebration has dawned upon us once again~

Here are photo compilations of our Raya Gathering with our dearest Twintanians.

✨From Good Conversations to Baked Popotos and Grilled Lizards we TwT enjoys them all ✨

Vehicles hogging up the front beach with members coming from far away lands 🚗

Can't forget about squeezing the pockets out of our dearest Head of Free Company
Everybody say Thank youuuuu~

Gotta show that "✨SMILE✨"

Time to head down to the beach and have some fireworks fun!

We TwT's would like to wish everyone a warm Raya Celebration with your love ones.