Cosplay Glamour Showcase: Yuri Lowell

Cosplay glam~

Cosplay Glamour Showcase: Yuri Lowell

One of the end game contents of FFXIV is GLAMOURS, thus decided to try becoming one of my favourite JRPG protagonists, Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia.  (wish they gave long hairstyles with bangs). Surprisingly fits a lot of jobs since he's pretty versatile in Vesperia.

(Still a Lalafell at the time of writing so please bear with me)

The glamour list for reference:

Body: Wind Silk Coatee (Soot Black/Jet Black dye)
Hand: The Emperor's New Gloves
Leg: Glade Slops (Soot Black/Jet Black dye)
Feet: Anemos Expeditionary's Boots (Goobbue Grey dye)
Bracelet:(Any gear that resembles Bodhi Blastia in Vesperia)

Smug face works very well for the cosplay
Edenchoir Katana looks like the Second Star, good match
Yuri can use an axe in the game too
Trying to capture the Lone Wolf characteristics of Yuri
Emulating the flippy combat style of Yuri isn't the easiest thing
Powering up