TwT Cribs: Choco's Haven

Small housing with a cozy and warm deco fit for a Lalafell

TwT Cribs: Choco's Haven

Choco's Haven
Small Plot 25, 20th Ward, The Goblet,

When I finally got my plot in the Goblet, I knew that the day has come when I will finally dive into house-decorating. This is the first home and space that I have decorated. I mainly stuck to a very cozy theme, a home fit for a Lalafell. It took me quite a while to decorate my home and I learned a lot along the way.

The home is very Lala-friendly. Not so much for the Tall people. Apologies in advance to all the Tall people walking into the beams and ceilings while visiting my home.

The living room and dining table greets you as you enter. I love how the light entering the window warms up the entire area. I didn't really fully plan my layout before I started building, I just had a general idea and experimented as I went along.

My humble kitchen. Apparently i hoard bread. Lots of bread. My favourite part of the kitchen is the small horizontal window above the stove. Are those...messy dishes in the sink? Erm.... please ignore those. I have a pot of Skybuilder's Stew cooking on the stove at the moment. The whole house smells so gooooooood.

My little storeroom, where i keep my hoard/junk away from prying eyes.

The bedroom is located upstairs. Moogle themed lounge chair, lamp and bed, some throw-pillows and a comfy rocking chair makes up this room. I get burned by the sun sometimes when it comes in through the window, but I do love the windows regardless.

Dainty little bathroom, with a bathtub and a washbasin cum vanity. The Lalafellin stepping stool is absolutely necessary, else I will not be able to reach the sink.

Do i really read all these books? Maybe I do. Maybe I don't. They do look good though.

My fabric hoard. I love sewing and my fabric stash is out of control.

My favourite spot, the study area. This is where I draw and paint. I really love that watercolor set.

Please ignore the messy boxes. I did a lot of shopping and they all arrived at once via Moogle-mail. I didn't have time to pack them up before taking this photo.

Okay, I'm tired out. Time to take a nap. Looking forward to the next build!