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Meet the TwT: Chika Kei

Greetings fellow Eorzeans. This would be my first post since nothing much happened lately around our FC. So I thought, why not an introduction. So here we are.

Infamous sword-cover-face-so-it-will-look-cool pose

Chika Kei is the name. But people call me Kei for short. Super casual(will only try the extreme stuff with a bunch of friends that I know). Been playing FFXIV since 2017 all the way from a trial account. Decided to play it because most of my friends from the volunteering group play it. Tried out the free trial because I was still a student and don't have enough money back then. Fell in love with it ever since.

Another infamous look-to-the-right-or-left-while-standing-still-so-it-looks-cool-enough pose

Main Tank(still haven't capped my Warrior though. Don't know why). Gotta love that thrill of leading a party and being the main guy who receives all those damages(no mom, I'm not an M). Started the game, without knowing anything about tanking, as a Gladiator. Thought it was just a normal class until I learnt the truth in a hard way(lol).

All hail Master Matoya

The second job main is Black Mage. Having a huge interest in Shantotto, able to be a Black Mage in this game is a blessing. Don't you love seeing those huge, delicious damage output? Ouh, and meteors too.

Third job main would be Samurai. I just love sword...and huge dps.

Don't you love that cute face

Did I ever mention I have a house? Plot 22, 8th Ward, The Lavender Beds(Tonberry) it is. It's still under work in progress though but feel free to drop by a note and watch as I(and my gf) slowly transforming it into a dream house.

I think that's all that I have to say for now. Looking forward for more post from us about our shenanigans in our FC. Till then.