Meet the TwT: Chococo Cream

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Meet the TwT: Chococo Cream

Laliho! Hello everyone! My name is Chococo Cream but I'm usually just referred to as "Choco" most of the time. I don't have the traditional Lalafell name and I do not know why I am named after some kind of food. (There many Lalafells named after food. Why is that though?....Strange....)

My main job is a White Mage, which is a Healer Job Class, and my duty is to heal my team and be a necromancer when everyone doesn't do mechanics and kept-stepping-into-the-aoe-because-why-won't-you-do-the-mechanics-i SWEAR TO THE TWELVE...

Ok ok. I digress.

I started out as a Novice Adventurer in Gridania as a wee Conjurer. After lots of training with treehugger Padjals I gained more experienced took on the role of a White Mage.

Upon highest level possible for a White Mage, i started branching out to other jobs~

I wub my magical staff

I also (at this current time) hold the job of a Scholar and an Astrologian. Both are Healing Job classes.

As a Scholar i get to have a healing slave which also functions as a bonus snack if my tummy feels rumbly.

Go forth Aether fodder...i mean Eos!

What does the Astrologian do? We read cards, we give cards, we make sparkles. We leave the party's lives up to fate as we draw our cards, never ever pulling out the one we need.

Will the cards predict what's for dinner?

Next are the damage dealing Jobs that i have taken on. I'm also a Machinist on the side. Packed with bad ass burst damage capabilities, I love being a Machinist whenever I am not working as a Healer.

Light em up!

From time to time I also do some dancing. That's right, i have a job as a Dancer as well. The Lala of Light needs to wear many hats in Eorzea. Okay I admit it, i took up this job just so that I can wear these dancer outfits and take pretty pictures.

It's probably sexy to be a dancer when you are not a Lalafell

Ah...the Bard. Honestly i took up this Job because they told me I can perform music when I have achieved level 30. What they didn't tell me, is that I need to perform music in the middle of battle because apparently it boosts the party's morale. And yet, i'm also expected to do damage. Have you ever tried playing music while simultaneously shooting at the enemy with your arrows??? It's insane!

I get finger-cramps thinking about every assignment I had as a Bard.

This job..i do not speak of this job. It is the Summoner. Everytime I try to control my Egi Summons, I get into a Wyvern Trance and everything just goes kaboom.

Moments before disaster

I am currently taking up more jobs and hope to do better at each and every one of them. Till the next time!