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Meet The TwT: Chira Chester

Hmm.. it appears to me that an introduction is required in this section.
Right then, lets begin with some facts:

biodata who?

Truth be told, I have no origin. I came to this world bearing the sound of the echo.
Despite so, I chose to be an Aura. Sisters of Raen and children of the Dawn Father.

Aura's are believed to be descendants of dragons, however after upon investigation it was proved false. #IamNotALizard #AkuBukanCicak

My odd eye appearance distinct me from others.
I was perceived that the colors have different meanings.

Aqua Blue = Heart of the Ocean
*my heart resides with the Ocean. I feel home in the depths of it.
Which is why I prefer to say in the Sea.

Golden Yellow = Starry Light
*may the stars guide your way through the darkness. Despite so, its a reminder that stars can't shine without darkness.

Right, that's enough about my appearance >/////<


My talent resides as a HEALER.

I chose Astrologian and have the stars to guide my way.

I keep my comrades safe through treacherous battles. However, I can't deny that I may have unintentionally sent some my party members into the life stream and YEET them back out in the progress ==''

B-B-But you can trust me. hehe I'll keep you safe ^^;

heh. them classics

Ah, how can I forget my true companion..

Whale Hello There :3

Wale and I have traveled all over motherland of Eorzea together.
From the widest sea to the claustrophobic caves galore.

we went through them all (literally)

take the first step
The Journey of a thousand malm begins with one step.

That's the end of my short introduction,
Do stay around observe my adventures around Eorzea.

stay safe~