Meet the TwT: Mil'feune Flyte

Be an adventurer, they said. It will be fun they said.

Meet the TwT: Mil'feune Flyte

Hi, I'm Mil'feune Flyte. Just call me Mil.

And I have a lot of issues.

I've been adventuring for years and I got dragged into weird things against my will, all the time.

It's all started with weird-ass dream on the first day of adventuring. I was on my way to Ul'dah to learn explody arts stuff, and there was this big-blue-crystal thing appeared in my sleep, telling me that I was destined for some.. great things. Obviously, I didn't pay much attention to it; it was too cryptic. Also, there were some smug twins on the carriage with me who weren't chatty at all, that I hope to never to see them again.

It didn't take long after I learn some explody art stuff from those tiny thaumaturge lalafells, that I got dragged into some tiny lalafell princess drama. Cutting the story short, everyone was messed up, and "I" had to clean up their mess.

"Why did I sign up for this?"

That big-blue-crystal that gave me some powers to see things or "visions". Occasionally I can break the 4th wall and conveniently see things as I have a conversation about it. At least give me full control of these powers.

I'll cut the story short.

Numerous "world-destroying" things happened and hell, they had me do EVERYTHING. Yeah, they can be pretty over-dramatic about "we need to do this, we need to do that", but NO really, it was just me doing everything for them. Their plans it's just mostly "let Mil do X". How do these people even survived before this?

I'm sorry, I can get so stressed about this sometimes. Someone just re-shuffled everything in the FC estate again and I can't find my way out of the house.

Where was I?

Oh, I don't even know where to start on these so called "Grand Companies". You wanna know what's better than these "Grand Companies"? Every single Free Companies out there, because at least they have more Warrior of Lights any these of them (which is zero, not a very hard number to beat. Nuh-uh, those buggers don't get to claim me being part of them as they gave me the rank of PRIVATE after they tried so hard to tempt me to join them.)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that there's more than one Warrior of Light. Surprise, surprise. Way to make me feel less special, big-blue-crystal.

Don't get me even start on the damn Scions; a bunch of posers. Especially the tall Elezen dude who appeared to be extremely smart but can't even speak the common tongue properly. They too, order me around to do things for them. Why did I allow myself to be ordered around in the first place? ... I don't know, I just wanted to see where this leads to I guess?

Hear me out. I downed tons of baddies, monsters, primals, dragons that are larger than a Large Housing Estate and so on, and they dare to think that "oh no we were trapped" when we're surrounded by a bunch of weaklings that made us kill those big things in the first place. WOMAN, WHY AM I WITH THIS SCION?

(also, a bunch of them needlessly sacrificed themselves as we "escape", when I swear I could just thermonuclear the place and show them who's boss.)


I'm sorry. I did say that I wanted to make this short. A lot of things happened. People die. Toyed around with some ancient tech. More dragons. And let's not forget the part they made me a messenger girl.

Knew a friend before I set out my foot out of my village. "Be an adventurer" he said. "It'll be fun" he said. He invited me to his Free Company... then he disappeared, leaving me to lead the Free Company D:


Oh well, at least we're a pretty casual one. We will kill things; when we feel like it. Although I swear that we might be spending too much time digging ground for rusty treasure boxes, and rejigging the house. Maybe.

So I've been leading this Free Company for the past few years. We might not be a great one, but we're one tight family; no matter how shady the lalafells can be.

Sometimes, I swear the lalafells are up to no good.


Hi, I'm Mil'fuene Flyte, I'm a sun cat with glasses, and this is my story.

P/S: Any stories regarding my obsession over meganekko is highly exaggerated.
PP/S: If you're a meganekko, we should get to know each other.
PPP/S: Uh, wat, what do you mean, why?