Meet the TWT : Shana Justicar

Meet the TWT : Shana Justicar

Hey there, the name is Shana Justicar.

But you can call me Shana or Dustie,
Why Justicar? Some might ask. Well the reason for that is before I moved to FFXIV, I use to play another MMO called Dragon Nest, there I played Crusader class which is a Holy Paladin DPS.

So when I came to FFXIV, I wanted to be the closest thing that I could get, So I started of as a Gladiator. But unfortunately it didn't hit the spot like Crusader.

So I decided to become a Summoner instead

Bahamut big, Akh morn stronk

But as much as fun as it was being a Summoner main, when Stormblood hits I decided to deal with my threats more physically. And so, from incinerating people with Akh morn , I decide that I should beat the living shit out of them instead.

So here I am, currently a Monk

Angry face , very scary beware

But yea, eventually I levelled up multiple classes. My current goal is to be able to play all of them at a beyond average level minimum.

Truly the game wouldn't be as fun without them, the Twintanians
Finally levelled Gladiator into Paladin
Our beautiful FC house
I can sense the salt of a certain Miqote as I snap this picture. . .

But yea, thank you for reading. I'll see you in Eorzea !
UWA when you see me~