Meet The TwT: Zymz Merzix

The Au Ra with furnishing addiction.

Meet The TwT: Zymz Merzix

Greetings, weary adventurer! Well don’t just stand there. Come in and take a seat. There’s plenty of room in the back. Why not have some ale or two? How was your day?

Where are my manners… the name’s Merzix, Zymz Merzix. Pleased to meet your acquaintance. Truth to be told I never was always in favor in the ways of the lance. I started off with a pair of stabbers. It was hard to make a days end when I was a child. I had my fair share close encounters with the Yellowjackets almost daily. I didn’t get along with the others in the orphanage as you don't find much of my kind in Limsa Lominsa back then. I don’t even know where I came from but I was told that they found me unconscious by the docks along with some debris from a recent shipwreck. Eventually I was taken in by a farmer and grew up in Middle La Noscea. Ever tried them oranges? Juicy and refreshing in every bite. Then just before my 16th summer, the old man kicked the bucket and I couldn’t take care of the farm all by myself. The old dame next door suggested that I head up to the botanist guild in New Gridania and to brush up my skills if I ever want to make that orange infused ale the old man used to make...

Just another normal day in a Lominsan farmland. Ah, Goobbues...
Botany study in Gridania.

But somehow I ended up becoming an adventurer instead. So much too see, so much adventure to discover. The myriad of creatures and places, then I knew Eorzea had so much to give me. Who would have thought a mere street orphan from Limsa Lominsa would grew up to be one of the Maelstroms's most trusted primal slayer. I get to fly on a Garlean airship. Travel across the showy mountains of Ishgard, become a dragoon and befriend dragons. Sail across the seas and even found my birthplace and talking fishes!

Not long after I've started my adventuring days, I met up with Mil and got invited to join her Free Company; Twintania. The estate itself was located by the sandy beaches of Shirogane, a medium sized plot. Now that I have some sort of permanent roof over my head, I thought I might give it a hand in interior decorating... in which I find quite addicting.

... Perhaps a little too addictive. Well, I guess its time for me to end my tale here. Got more things to deliver around, primals to slay, and a city to rebuild. Fare you well my friend!