TwT Monthly: June 2020

TwT Monthly: June 2020

Hi there, welcome to the first edition of TwT Monthly!

TwT Monthly is a collection of pictures that best describes the Twintania Free Company for the particular month; Or just very questionable pictures submitted by various members of the company.

(...have a feeling we might be slowly turning into a GPoser community ._.;; )

Enough words! Let's kick off with more pictars!

When roasting your own member has taken a far more literal approach.
We might have started Lalafell Daycare Centre.
This is not OSHA compliant and I swear these Nanamo worshipers going to set the house on fire one day.
Misbehaving members are sent here to give them a grim reminder.
Very, very grim reminder.
In order to save Haurchefant, a member created the TARDIS. But of course, you know that Tardis only takes you to where you need to be, not where you want to go.
"Hold on, gotta tell the internet that they serve inedible food in here"
We too have a room for edgy kids for edgy photos.
"Glug glug glug glug"

...and that's all we have for the month. Look forward for more in the future editions!