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State of the Estate: June 2020

The Twintania Free Company's Estate, Turn 5, is like a living entity. Or at least one of our member made everyone feel like it's a living entity. Nearly every month, the interior changes, and with the "State of the Estate" series, we would like to show you the state of Turn 5 for the particular month.

Come join us as we get lost in our own home.

Since a new renovation is on it's way (again), most of the thoughts and design description are lost. So, we'll just post pictars in here.

Couch Lounge. With ample amounts of ass pillows.
Fattening Area. Right next to the main entrance, letting everyone know that the FC is very well-fed.
Sad that these are all going away soon.
One on the medium Plot is our Primary Estate House. The Small Plot in front of it is our special "Car Park". Current hosts the "Carpark Cafe". Both sports bright white roof.