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State of the Estate: October 2020

After a long hiatus from decorating the FC halls (from Patch 5.3 housing savage), we are now back and with a new estate exterior!!

Brand new spanking Half-timber exterior look was voted by the FC members.
Of course we could go for the 'possessed-deep-into-your-soul' exterior look, but I'd get my decorating rights revoked...

And washout further ado, I'd invite all of you into The All Saint's Wake themed deco for our FC; The Twintania Haunted House. Fair warning that its very dark and narrow inside so please do not run or you'll attract the Voidsent that's lurking around the corner... Just follow the one way path to not miss every corner of the house.

1st stop; For those who we have lost, and those who we have yet to save...

Offer a prayer as we pass by. May they continue watch over us.

2nd Stop; the Witch's Abode. An accident has occurred but we have no idea. What are these unknown substances that stains the entire floor? I'm calling the Tonberry; definitely sus. Rumors say that if you look out the window at night; you may seen the very depths of hell itself.

I'd hope you brought some extra footwear...

We continue on pass the winded path and oh dear; what do we have here?

Do not fret, she means you no harm...yet I suppose...

A dead end? My we have indeed traveled alot. Have a seat and rest your pretty little feet. I assure you a little jump is nothing more tha-

Have a seat in this totally not suspicious little electric chair. We promise it wont be too shocking.

...oh dear...

We may have a 'little' problem..

Do not fear; follow me!!

Now that's over, my little friend here tells me that we are safe here. But we must hurry and find the exit or we will be trapped here forever!! Time is of the essence.

I can almost see the en-.. what this? Who's there?? Milady do you need any assistance?

Its not safe here; we have to get out as soon as-...
The bad end...

Well that's all we have for the Haunted house; but wait. Do drop by Chococo Cream's Seance room in Room 19 in the FC private chambers for more spooks! The haunted house will be around till 10th November.