The 7th Tonberry Lalafell Walk - 2020

The 7th Tonberry Lalafell Walk - 2020

On the 25th of April 2020, fellow Twintanian Lalafells (and fellow tall people) participated in the 7th Tonberry Lalafell Walk in Kholusia, which starts in Stilltide and ends in the town of Tomra. The walk was organized by Momoko Rin , who also organized previous Lalafell Walks.

Lalas displaying our pony sized ARR Primal mounts.

The Gathering point is at Stilltide. Flanking the Lalas are the Tall Twintanians gathered early to form the Gobwalker security Squad.

Good day for Parasols

The crowd is building up. The glaring brightness of the Light in midday will not stop us. Thank the Twelve (and Ishgardian craft) for Parasols.

Regalias and the underage drivers. How do they step the pedals?

The good folk of Stilltide were unsurprisingly shocked by the sheer number of four-wheeled-flat, and sleek Thalos ruining their town paths.

What...what is that in the middle there?? The one with the wings!??

Twintanian security team switched to Mikoshi mounts to add to the festivity.

Not the queue for Pixieberry Cheesecake

Momoko-Rin and team gave us the signal to form an orderly queue as we will begin our walk shortly.

Images you can hear

And we are off! With much pomp and grandeur. Mikoshi mounts chiming and emitting pops and sparkles along the way.

Climbing up the hill is hard work for our mini feet

Special thanks to the Tall people for protecting us during the walk by clearing Mobs and FATEs along the way.

I'm in there..somewhere

Arrived at our first check point at The Ladder. Group photo time!

I mean, we are just the cutest. UWA!
Forming the Chocobo tower with our Chocobos up The Ladder

The weather in Kholusia is as unpredictable as ever. It started raining at the start of our walk to Tomra. Parasols to the rescue!

Finally we all arrived in Tomra. With not as much as a Lali-ho we swamped the Dwarves homes.

How many Lalafells can we fit into this room?

Upon arrival in Tomra, all the Lalafells exercised our totally fair rights to enter the only building in the entire game, where the only Lalafells can enter.

That's right Tall people. You can't enter this building in Tomra. Lala-privilege.

The Tall people all but stood outside as we partied and revelled in festivity. Ocassionally we see an eyeball outside the windows, probably from an envious Tall person.

What are table manners?

The Dwarves of Tomra watched in expressionless NPC-horror as these foreign Lalafells invade their peaceful home.

Don't think those party poppers are meant to be used indoors

Whatever happens in Tomra, stays in Tomra. ;)

Special thanks to the Momoko Rin and team for organizing this fun event! Looking forward to more Lalafell events soon!