TwT Kawagoe Sakura Fest 2023 Experience

📸Event Blog✨

TwT Kawagoe Sakura Fest 2023 Experience

This would be our 2nd time attending an event hosted by Kawagoe and in this blog, I will share our experience~ Let's Go!

💖 Maid Cafe 🍛 Experience 🎀

Lovely Maidos greeted us as soon as we entered the area and kept calling us "Masta Nya." 💞🥰😻

Y: I wanna order EVERYTHING!
S: ....... dangggg the price 👀!
*pays anyways #worthit

🥰💖Overall, the service was MAJI LOVE 3000% /10 🎀💞

🔮Interactive Booths🍘

From 'Hit & Dunk' to Fortune Telling and Artist Booths, this event got tons to check out! ✨🤩✨

🎷Street Performances🎷


An absolute stunning set up! ✨🤩✨
Truly Pleasing and Soothing to the eye 🥰

🍃✨🌸Sakura Street 🌸✨🍃

🍃🪑Main Stage🎤️✨

✨We won 1st Place 🏆 in the GPose Competition📸

Winner Photo Taken by Syera Mon

...heading up on-stage💃

🍃💜Under the Purple Willows💜🍃

📸Extra Shots 📸

✨GROUP PHOTO! 📸 Event Concluded✨