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TwT Landscaper's Log:

πŸ‚ FALL EDITION 2020 πŸ‚

This is collection of the Best #3 Landscaping Design made by one of our housing designer ; Chira Chester. (featuring our Twintanians as models)

#1 The Start of Fall in the Yard

Chira Chester

Just because there's no changing seasons in the Housing Wards, that doesn't stop us from bringing the Fall Season to our House 😁

Y'ruremo Rhul | Chira Chester

Rolling and Sleeping on top of pilled up leaves πŸ‚ is something that you can find our FC members doing at this time of the year.

#2 So-Called Camping in the Yard

Zymz Merzix | Azure Kylie | Diamond Rust | Shana Justicar | Kuat Harimau | Y'ruremo Rhul | Chira Chester

Why not rite? Chillin around a warm campfire πŸ•, Telling ghost stories~ πŸ‘»

Diamond Rust | Shana Justicar
Azure Kylie | Zymz Merzix

But might wanna watch over your pals.... just in case y'know πŸ˜…
You never know they might wander around and come back freezing N A K E D.

#3 The Warm But Cold Season

The warm colors of Fall never cease to embrace us with the cool wind.

Asteari Bell
Photo by: Zymz Merzix
Azure Kylie


to all of the Twintanians for their appearance in the collection.

I love the Fall Season and designing this collection was such an enjoyable experience. Autumn is that time of the year where every leaf becomes a flower and it's very pleasing scenery to the eye.

Cheers πŸ₯‚ for more collections to come :3