TWT Monthly: August 2020

TWT Monthly - 3rd Edition has arrived! This is the month for love, war and Yo-Kai hell.

TWT Monthly: August 2020

TwT Monthly - 3rd Edition has arrived!

Wedding bells, Lalafells, Eureka,Savage and Yokai hells. August has been an extremely busy month.

There were 3 Eternal Bondings between FC members and two of them are Double Eternal Bondings, with ceremonies held back to back

Azure and Bell
Chococo and Diamond
Maia and Kaneda
This isn't just about the Ceremony Chocobo mount. Or is it?
Momoko organized another Lalafell walk in August. Twintanians could not resist participating. Some of us even fantasia-ed into a Lalafell for this. 

Twintanians have been exploring more Savage and Extreme content in August as well. Guided by experienced members, we managed to get some clears!

Cinder Drift (Extreme) or better known as Ruby Ex Trial.
Sigmascape V4.0 (Savage) or Kefka Savage Raid. Wow did we struggle with this one. 
We persevered and everyone received their Airforce mount.
Crushed knees and toes aside when sitting in this little mount, look at how cute they look with Lalafells!
Always raining in Hydatos.

Next in Eureka adventures. A few Twintanians have been venturing further into Eureka and some even completed the Baldesion Arsenal (56-man dungeon) and received their Demi-Ozma mount. Baldesian Arsenal is a high stakes, high stress and also higher than usual failure rate dungeon.

We met hot mama Penthesilea in Pyros.
Encountered interesting adventurers in Hydatos.
Discovered new locations and photo-ops.
This location has given many Eorzeans PTSD.
Demi-Ozma mount for those who survived Baldesian Arsenal dungeon.
Yo-Kai Watch FATE hell. We have to collect Medallions by doing various FATES across Eorzea and exchange them for more minions and weapons.
Was this Jibanyan-mount worth the FATE grind? Hell-yeah!
We discovered Allagan Melons! Come get my melons! Round, firm and juicy Melons!
Om Nom Nom. Melon eating competition.
Did we mention we now have Tanks??
Wow the laser turret seems a lot more powerful than we expected.
"Ah, it is that FC again."- Our neighbours
"If there is a dent on the roof. It is Harima's fault."- Zymz
We also celebrated Maia's birthday. Her EB partner, Kaneda prepared this room for her, complete with strippers.
And unidentified flying Hyur was spotted over Shirogane, with two Lalafells and a Miqo'te standing on it. Is this some new Allagan tech?
Are Lalafells fire proof? Let's test it out!
U-WA-One of us! U-WA-One of us!U-WA-One of us!U-WA-One of us!

Phew! What an exciting month August had been!

Before we end this post, an upcoming Birthday shoutout to these September babies:
Diamond Rust
Aizen Kisaki

Onward to September!