TWT Monthly: July 2020

TwT Monthly - 2nd Edition is here! A month full of battles won and lost and of friendship and shenanigans.

TWT Monthly: July 2020

Hello, Hello, HELLO! Welcome to TWT Monthly - 2nd Edition!

The Minstrel's Ballad : Hades's Elegy (Hades Extreme) - Clear!

This month in TwT was full of battles and new adventures. Twintania Free Company members have been dipping their toes into both new and old contents. Kudos to experienced members for bringing the newbies to experience raids!

Found new friends. Twintanians are friendly and always makes friends with other Eorzeans.
We love to have fun!
First clear in Memoria Misera (Extreme). Subsequently experienced members brought other members to clear this as well.
Mmm...yes... Achievement Unlocked

We died so much trying to clear Memoria here that we whooped (Okay, actually we screamed) so loudly when we finally cleared.

Here's a hilarious clip of that moment:

Twintanians have also recently made a successful attempt at Alte Roite mount farming in Deltascape V4.0 (Savage), also known as O4S, or ExDeath Savage, or Snek Mount Farming.
We also had a brief encounter of WOL's terrible memory's rendition of Leviathan in Eden's Gate Inundation (Savage) or E3S. We have not attempted to clear this but we day.
No, this isn't Jurassic Park or Dino-riders. During this down-time between patches, we have been exploring Eureka and leveling up there.
Everyone loves Pazuzu in Eureka.
Newer members leveled and reached new areas and expansions. Congratulations on the hard work!
FC shenanigans isn't complete without invading into a FC member's home to populate their aquarium with Slimes.
And that's all for this month. Please stay-tuned for an exciting month soon as the new Patch 5.3 approaches!