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TwT Starlight Glam 2022

Winter Time calls for Comfy OOTD's to keep us safe and warm 💙
Let's see how our TwT's fare during these cold season

TwT : Azure Kylie
Glam : ✨ A Night with Colorful Lights ✨

TwT : Odtsetseg Qalli
Glam : Faerie Lights🌈

TwT : Dante Pollux
Glam : ⛄Santa's BEEG Helper🎄

TwT : Shana Justicar
Glam : 🦌

TwT : Chococo Cream
Glam : ⭐ Starlight Spirit ⭐

TwT : Diamond Rust
Glam : ???

TwT : Yana Chin
Glam : Winter Blues💙

TwT : Beel Naru
Glam : Starlight Oppa💘

TwT : Iina Minci
Glam : 💖

TwT : Syera Mon
Glam : Winter = 🧦Comfy PJ's🧣

Thank You for visiting this blog. I hope everyone have a wonderful month and I'll see you all on the next one. (❁´◡`❁)